The 7 Ways Creators get rewarded on Allphanes


1. Monthly competitions

On Allphanes, on the free creative social media platform we have monthly competitions where the top liked posts that month are rewarded and recognized. More than money our creators appreciate the recognition they get in the Allphanes community and all other Social Media platforms where Allphanes has a presence. We boost new creators so that they get recognized for their talent.

2. Premium subscriptions

With a monthly subscription, Allphanes members can join the premium platform where they can
post their best creations. On this platform the top 30% of creators whose posts are most viewed
are rewarded every month. Unlike, other social media platforms there is no minimum for
subscribers or views before getting rewarded for their creations. The premium platform is a
great way for members to see the best bundled content from creators in a cost-effective way.

3. Pay-per-view
Premium subscribers can post to the community with a pay-per-view option, where people
interested in your post can see it for a one time payment instead of a monthly subscription.
These makes it easier for members to see your post and for creators to get rewarded.

4. Fan Subscriptions
Some members can choose to set-up their own subscription platform, where they can charge
their fans a monthly subscription/contribution for certain exclusive content. This could be
exclusive posts, invitation to events, meeting the team, monographed gifts, etc. This becomes
their platform for their fans to support them and they can run it like their own business by
marketing themselves. Ofcourse Allphanes also helps creators market themselves.
Organizations and Institutions can also set-up their own page to help their fans contribute to
their organization.

5. Sell digital products and services
Many of our members have skills that they can offer as a service. For example, some are
excellent photographers, some are good at creating and editing videos, some are great floral
designers, etc. They can offer these services on Allphanes, so people can recruit them. Some of

our members may have photos, drawings, they would like to sell digitally on the platform. On
Allphanes they can describe what they are selling on the Creator Marketplace. If someone
wishes to buy their product or service, Allphanes can take care of the transaction and keep track
of it on the members personal profile. This enables members to keep track of their

6. Share in advertising revenue
As the site grows, advertisers will want to reach our member base. Allphanes will share Ad
revenues with its members on whose post the Ad is clicked. Advertisers may also want to
sponsor you, if you are a celebrity or have a fan base to help promote their products or services.

7. Get recruited for your talent
On MySpace page you have a portfolio of all your creations. Over time this portfolio will grow.
This will provide an opportunity for you to share this with people who are looking to hire artistic
talent for a wedding, birthday, cultural festival or other events or projects. By showing them the
portfolio of your work on Allphanes MySpace page, you can showcase your talent. This helps
potential evaluate your talent more easily, increasing your chances of being recruited.

You put a lot of work into your creations. I am sure you enjoy it too … perhaps much better than your
job. Allphanes gives you 7 ways to be rewarded from doing the work you enjoy !! There is just one step
you need to get started … join Allphanes at !!