Imagination is more important than knowledge


Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He proved this by discovering the theory of relativity, in part, by using thought experiments.

Every creator whether a child, Michael Angelo or Rabindranath Tagore, all started their creation in their mind first. In other words, they used their imagination to see what they would create and then they brought it into the world.

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The internet is a canvas for you to create and share your work with the world. However, if no one sees your work what is the value of what you create ?This is a problem

 that many people and artists have faced thorough out history. But something has changed. The numbers of people the internet enables you to reach is orders of magnitude greater than what a brick and mortar artist can reach. Kids are becoming celebrities on the internet even though they cannot yet drive !!

The new creator that can market themselves on the internet can reach unimaginable heights. Allphanes gives you multiple tools to market your creations.

On your My Space page you can showcase all your creations and write about your talents and interests. You can share your creations among your friends and get feedback. They in turn will share your work with the other friends and so on. Your post will be shared in no time. They key is to build your network of people who appreciate your work. Here is some information on how to build your network.

You have the opportunity to participate in competitions. In the Free Space, all members of Allphanes can participate in the monthly competition where entries uploaded in that month with competition tag can participate in the competition. The best content will be awarded and moved to the Premium page. If you are not among the winners, you will still get exposure, because people will review your work to vote on the best liked. Some of them my add you to their friends list or make your work a Favorite.

Allphanes wants to provide an opportunity for new creators to shine and be noticed. New uploads of content are highlighted at the top of the creations page. We will be introducing ‘Featured’ content page based on number of likes received in the last one week so they have the opportunity to shine even more.


New creators can get inputs from others on how to improve their creations through comments. As they see other creations, get inputs from friends and participate in contests they will develop into better artists and be recognized. By signing up for Premium you get to see some of the best creations and get feedback and inputs from Premium creators. If you subscribe to a celebrity that person may provide you personalized feedback on your creations. Perhaps they may even help you get more attention among their peers.


In the Creator Marketplace you can get to learn from some of the top creators who are providing their services or classes there. In addition, you can find services and tools that will help you create even better creations. Allphanes also h

as blogs that will help you create new art.

If you are looking for like minded people to form a team, so that together you can create cool things, this is a community where you will find them.

Allphanes wants its best creators to be wildly successful. So, plan to engage in promoting their work to companies like Netflix, Hulu, StarTV, Amazon, etc. If your work is noticed by these companies Allphanes Media Engagement team will reach out to you and support you in discussions with these companies. The deals you make with these companies is entirely up to you. We just help to get you recognized and connected.

The world will soon see where your imagination takes you !!