Creating new art for everyone



When we think about art, we think of some of the greatest artists of the world. Names like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, etc. come to mind. But in reality art is any creation that comes into your imagination that you bring into the world. Even the drawing of a 2 year old qualifies as art to their loving parents, grandparents and close family. These drawings are more precious to them than the million dollar art works of the best creators.

When we take a photo it captured a unique place in space and time that only you have access to. Sharing that perspective with the world will enable others to see what you saw. Perhaps it will capture their imagination and they will see something different from what you saw. 

You might tell a story to your kids to help them fall asleep. You might reuse the fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White or you might use your imagination. Your child will not realize the difference and will find it equally enthralling. Sharing your stories with the world is art too. 

So, do not hesitate to share your art. It is the most creative part of you. No one else in the world can share the uniqueness that is YOU. 

With the advent of cell phones taking a video has never been easier. But editing it and making it into something that might capture other people's attention needs some work. This article will describe how you can use a free tool called Clipchamp, available on Microsoft Store.


Using Clipchamp for videos

Install Clipchamp from the Microsoft Store. It is a free app. For Windows 11.

When you open Clipchamp you will see a ‘+ Create Video’  icon on the top. It will also show you all the projects you were working on in a tiled format.

If you want to start a new project click on the Create Video  Icon. See below for a screen shot

Once you click the icon you will be taken to a page  where you can click on the + icon on the top left. See below for a screen shot.

Once you click the + Icon you can upload picture or video for you PC, phone, dropbox, Instagram, OneDrive, Google Drive or Google Photos.

Once you have all your videos and photos in Clipchamp, you can add the videos and pictures to your timeline. You can drag to a different sequence or select and duplicate a sequence.

You can drag the Marker line to a location and split into two sections with the scissor icon. Then you can select one of the pieces and delete or move it or edit it.


Audio content

Sometime you video recording comes with audio that is noisy. You can chose to split the audio form the video. You can select and delete the audio and add new audio of your choice. There is also some free music that you can add to your video.

To make your pictures more engaging you can add them to a video timeline and add some music to it. You may also add text in different styles and re-position the text by holding and dragging the text box to the desired spot on the video.

You have great Text to Speech Converter where you can type in a Text and convert it into a male or female voice of your choice. It can even translate it into a different language. Just add this audio to your video.

Saving your project 

Give your project a name. You can download the video to your PC and share it with others.

Here is a great YouTube video on Clip champ: